Bartholomew Faire's repertory is adaptable to all kinds of performance venues, from small coffeehouses to large cathedrals, from ambient background music to amplified outdoor festival shows.



Bartholomew Faire's Medieval music repertory includes selections from the Cantigas de Santa Maria, the Llibre Vermell ("The Red Book"), Troubadour and Trouveres music, Italian and French estampies, as well as improvisations on medieval modes.



Our Renaissance fare includes dances from Orchesographie, Susato, Mainerio and the Attaingnant dance prints, improvisations on passamezzos and other 16th century themes, as well as some Villancicos, French chansons, Ravenscroft rounds and other instrumental and vocal works.



Bartholomew Faire's "Baroque" repertory is based on the unwritten performance traditions of the 17-18th centuries, featuring variations on ground basses like Folias and Chaconas, with a focus on the dances from the Playford collection and the tunes of the Irish harper-composer Turlough O'Carolan.



Our instrumentarium allows us to explore sounds, modes and rhythms evocative of Andalucia, Northern Africa, the Middle East, ancient Greece and other lands and times, thus creating a truly unique "world music."



The Holiday season would not be complete without the joyous sounds of Bartholomew Faire playing festive Cantigas, melodies from The Red Book, selections from the Piae Cantiones and the ever-popular French Noels.














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